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The Weirdest Tech and Gadgets from CES 2024

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Welcome to CES 2024, the world’s largest tech show held in Las Vegas. As always, this event brings together thousands of attendees and exhibitors showcasing the latest advancements in technology. From personal tech to transportation, healthcare to sustainability, CES never fails to surprise us with its innovative gadgets and mind-boggling concepts. Artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be the driving force behind many of the showcased products, and we can’t help but marvel at the weird and wonderful creations that have graced the show floor. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into some of the wildest tech and gadgets from CES 2024.

1. AI-Powered Birding Binoculars

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For the avid birdwatcher with an unlimited budget, Swarovski unveiled the AX Visio 10×32, a pair of AI-powered binoculars priced at a staggering $4,799. These binoculars utilize AI technology to help you identify over 9,000 bird species and other wildlife. With the ability to take photos and videos of your discoveries, these binoculars take birdwatching to a whole new level. Now you can capture and share your findings with fellow bird enthusiasts.

2. Pay-to-Pee App: Flush

In a world where public restrooms are scarce, Flush, a web-based app, allows businesses to rent out their bathrooms to people in need. The concept may seem strange, but it addresses a real problem faced by many individuals. What sets Flush apart is its rating system, which businesses use to approve or deny reservations. This unique approach ensures a certain level of hygiene and comfort for users.

3. BlackBerry-Style Keyboard for iPhone

Do you miss the satisfying clickety-clack of a physical keyboard on your iPhone? Clicks Technology has brought back the nostalgia with their Creator Keyboard. This keyboard attachment transforms your iPhone into a BlackBerry-era relic, providing a tactile typing experience. While it may make your phone bulkier, it offers a larger screen real estate by eliminating the digital keyboard. For those who long for the days of physical keyboards, this gadget is a dream come true.

4. Dynamic Sound Mixing Based on Your Driving

Imagine your car’s audio system adapting to your driving style. Sound Drive, a startup founded by singer-songwriter turned entrepreneur Will.i.am, aims to do just that. This technology analyzes your speed and adjusts the music accordingly, seamlessly fading in or out lyrics depending on your driving conditions. Whether you’re cruising down the freeway or stuck in traffic, Sound Drive ensures an immersive audio experience tailored to your journey.

5. The Router That Doubles as Art: Marble Wi-Fi 6 OpenWrt Router

In an era where aesthetics matter, GL.iNet has taken the humble router and turned it into a piece of art. The Marble Wi-Fi 6 OpenWrt Router resembles a small framed masterpiece that you can hang on your wall or place on your desk. This router not only provides high-speed internet connectivity but also adds a touch of elegance to your home decor. With its sleek design, it’s no longer necessary to hide your router in a corner.

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6. AI Assistant That Can Call 911: LG Smart Home AI Agent

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LG introduced its Smart Home AI Agent, a two-legged wheeled robot designed to assist in your daily life. This AI-powered assistant syncs with your LG appliances, offering reminders and support. In a time of crisis, the AI Agent can even call 911, providing an extra layer of safety and peace of mind. This futuristic companion aims to enhance the way we interact with our smart homes, showing empathy and understanding in its responses.

7. Talkative Bidet: Kohler’s PureWash E930 Bidet Seat

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Bidets have become increasingly popular in recent years, but Kohler takes it a step further with its PureWash E930 Bidet Seat. This smart bidet seat integrates voice command support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Now, you can control the bidet’s spray, dryer functions, and self-cleaning UV feature using voice commands. While it may feel strange talking to your toilet, the convenience and hands-free operation make it an appealing option for those seeking a touch of luxury in the bathroom.

8. Voice Absorbing Mask for Privacy: Skyted’s Mobility Privacy Mask

Privacy is a growing concern in our increasingly connected world, and Skyted aims to address this with its Mobility Privacy Mask. Designed to absorb voice frequencies, this mask provides a level of privacy in noisy environments such as planes, trains, and rideshares. Whether you’re having a confidential conversation or simply want to reduce noise pollution, this mask offers a discreet solution. Its sleek design ensures you can communicate with a little more privacy, even in crowded spaces.

9. AI-Powered Stroller: GlüxKind’s Ella

Parenting can be challenging, but GlüxKind hopes to make it a little easier with its AI-powered stroller, Ella. This innovative stroller boasts hands-free operation, automatic incline detection, and a gentle rocking feature for your baby’s comfort. With Ella, parents can enjoy a more convenient and relaxing stroll without the need to constantly push the stroller. Additionally, the built-in white noise machine helps soothe your baby while on the go. GlüxKind’s Ella takes the stress out of parenting and provides a helping hand for busy moms and dads.

10. GPT Edition of WeHead: Your Brainstorming Companion

Unveiled at CES 2024, the GPT edition of WeHead brings a physicality to the virtual AI experience. This AI-powered head, resembling a mannequin with multiple screens, acts as a confidant for bouncing around ideas. While its appearance may be unusual, its purpose is to facilitate brainstorming sessions and inspire creativity. Interacting with the GPT edition of WeHead may feel bizarre at first, but it opens up new possibilities for collaboration and ideation.

11. Rabbit’s R1: Your Pocket AI Assistant

Tired of navigating through menus and apps on your phone? Rabbit’s R1 offers a hands-free alternative. This compact device, designed by Teenage Engineering, acts as a pocket AI assistant. Using a “language action model,” Rabbit’s R1 can perform a variety of tasks, from ordering food to managing your schedule. With this device, you can streamline your daily activities and access information effortlessly. While it may seem like a throwback to simpler times, Rabbit’s R1 brings a modern twist to the concept of personal assistants.

12. Smart Molluscs for Water Pollution Detection: MolluSCAN

In the age of smart devices, even molluscs are getting a technological upgrade. MolluSCAN, a company founded by Ludovic Quinault, utilizes non-invasive sensors attached to clams and oysters to monitor water quality. These sensors track various biological responses, such as feeding, reproduction, and stress, which can indicate potential pollution issues. By harnessing the natural behaviors of molluscs, MolluSCAN aims to provide early warnings and accurate assessments of water pollution. This innovative approach has the potential to revolutionize environmental monitoring and protection.

CES 2024 has showcased an array of bizarre and fascinating tech gadgets. From AI-powered birding binoculars to talking bidets, these creations push the boundaries of what we thought was possible. As technology continues to advance, CES serves as a platform for innovation and imagination. Whether these products become mainstream or remain niche, they reflect the spirit of exploration and the desire to improve our lives through technology.

As we wrap up our journey through the weird and wonderful world of CES 2024, it’s clear that the future holds endless possibilities. We can only imagine what CES 2025 will bring, but one thing is for sure – it will be filled with surprises, strange gadgets, and cutting-edge technologies that will leave us in awe once again. So, stay curious and embrace the weirdness because that’s where true innovation lies.


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